the Practice of Identifying Celebrations

Last week we talked about the presence of tolerations in our lives and the ways we can identify them. I even talked a bit about what it was like when I “de-tolerated” a part of my life. It wasn’t “OMG AMAZING” but it wasn’t bad, either – a definite improvement. I can’t give you much …

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How to Be a Superhero Ninja of Joy

There’s an important reason that I didn’t talk about tolerations (gosh-durn-it, I still like “micro-annoyances” better) being applied to people. There’s a couple of reasons for that: one is that something that seems endearing one moment may seem unbearingly irritating the next, and even further down the road may seem wistfully nostalgic (especially if the …

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The De-Tolerated Life

Shortly after writing my post about de-tolerating your environment, I took on the elements of my desk that were most aggravating me: I dusted the swords on top. I found a better place for my glasses. I used an old IKEA shelf as a cord manager. I found better homes for both my hard drives …

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The Practice of Identifying Tolerations

OK, I give up. I like the term “microannoyances” and also “microaggravations”, but it turns out that the concept has been already more eloquently labeled by no less than the father of life-coaching, Thomas Leonard. He called them “tolerations“, and I suggested in my last post that you take a look around at the things …

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