Leaning into the Discomfort

I had something very uncomfortable happen to me on Monday. I had been stressing, just a little, about our cel phone bill. I hadn’t really looked at it recently, wasn’t exactly sure if last month was past-due or not, and knew that it was going feel like it was more than usual because of recent service changes …

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love fear to live life

Franklin’s Sign Mantra “Life favors those who move in the direction of greatest courage.” – Franklin Veaux I’ve never met Franklin, though we have mutual friends in polyamory circles and I’ve admired his clear and concise writing for years (even the stuff I disagree with). The phrase above is one of many gems from his …

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Defining Moment Life

The Defining Moment: Courage Overcomes Expectations

Not Much Left There’s really only a few last things to say now that you’ve figured out your Defining Moment, found a way to make it happen, and analyzed the results. You know now one of two things: what it’s like to do it, or what it’s like to not bother with the whole process. …

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