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We’re Sorry We Can’t Take Your Call… That’s a screenshot of an email I sent to Chris Guillebeau, shortly after posting my review of his new book both here and on Amazon. When I wrote it, I didn’t have any expectation of a reply. It’s the launch day! He’s wrangling twitter strategies and guest blog …

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BONUS POST: Review of Chris Guillebeau’s “The Happiness of Pursuit”

A Dangerous Book About Extraordinary Lives, Including Yours. As a fellow writer on topics of personal development, I opened “The Happiness of Pursuit” with a healthy dose of skepticism. I was expecting a sort of “cure for the bored and privileged” story of hipsters and such. Man, was I ever wrong. And very happily so. …

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Defining Moment Life

The Defining Moment, Part 14: the big question

Encore! Or not. By now, if you’re following the whole lineup of the Defining Moment, you’ve got a folder of papers, or perhaps an entire notebook, filled with first your analysis of what you want to do, and then all kinds of things about it. You’ve predicted risks and consequences and then checked the accuracy of your predictions; …

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