What Kind of Tires Do You Have?

Seth Godin is a master of the concise and meaningful blog. I am in awe of his ability to take a hundred or so words and convey a concept that leaves one going hmmmm… for hours afterwards.

His post “Tires, Coffee, and People” is a good example of that. Read it yourself (it won’t take long).

Don’t have time for another click? Ok, you can save it for later. Basically, he’s saying that it’s the tires that make the car, it’s the beans that make the coffee, and it’s the people that make an organization work well – or not.

I’m going to extrapolate that and say it’s the people that make a relationship.

The problem he identifies is that “…we spend money on 4 wheel drive instead of snow tires.” In other words, we invest in the gimmicks rather than the solid ingredients. How does that map to relationships?

Well, maybe you’re busy reading blogs about ways to spice up your relationship rather than actually talking to your partner about what they want.

Maybe you’re busy reading blogs about parenting rather than rolling on the floor with your child.

Maybe you’re reading another book about zen buddhism instead of putting your butt on a cushion – oh, sorry. That last one was me.

But you see the point? Take a look at your relationships, especially the ones you’d like to improve. What are the actual necessary ingredients? What is distracting you from them?

What are you going to do about it?

One thing you can do: send this blog to a friend, and see what they think…
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