don’t make love too big a deal

“Love. NBD.” – Carsie Blanton

…who also said:

Let’s lift some of the weighty grandiosity off the shoulders of love, and allow it to be what it is: a sweet, ephemeral, exciting feeling to experience and share.

It’s kind of amusing the way we both dis- and respect the word love. “But I love him/her!” is justification for everything from abandoning your responsibilities to murder in popular media, yet we don’t hesitate to “love” tumblr posts (like Carsie’s, for example) or talk about how much we love a TV series or particular flavor of ice cream.

Dude. Chill. Love happens.

How about we stop worrying about whether or not something is “true love” or “real love” or even “Big Love” (yes, my partner and I are getting sucked into that series, and we totally love it). It really shouldn’t be that hard, we do it with all kinds of other things.

Light, for example. Whether it’s “rosy-fingered dawn” or a blinding spotlight, there’s a pretty wide spectrum to be picked from. Why not enjoy it? At the risk of sounding like a pretty pony, how about a rainbow spectrum of love? Enjoy it all, and just let it happen.

Just and idea. Meanwhile, here’s some more Carsie. Her album comes out on June 24th, and she’ll be here in Madison on July 7th!

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