searching for what you love

Everything I needed to know about Love I learned from a Search Engine Part of my day job is “CMS Administrator.” CMS is geekspeak for “Content Management System”, and it is a catch-all term for blogs, video courses, news feeds, anything that brings you content on a regular basis. Occasionally I put up a piece of …

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Defining Moment

The Defining Moment, Part 11: Positive & Negative

“You Keep on Using That Word…” – Inigo Montoya When someone says something discouraging, have you ever remarked – either out loud, or to yourself – that “negative reinforcement doesn’t work very well” or something to that effect? Raise your hand if you’ve ever done this – and don’t worry, you’re safe, no one is …

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Practice Uncategorized

finding value in the negative

The Mood Alchemist Never mind him. Let’s focus on the positive. At least those kind of people have shown me clearer what it is I am looking for in people who I surround myself with. Those were the words of a friend and collaborator from Amsterdam recently as we were planning a conference together. They …

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