Compromising Your Life

I am not a fan of compromise. Especially when it comes to art. It’s strange, for someone with so many liberal and social justice-oriented leanings as I have, that when it comes to art I am something of a fascist. I have been part of “group works” where the goal is a sinergistic melding of …

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Failure is Valuable Experience

Tangled Up & You My partner made a joke about me recently, pointing out how some of the ways you write the letter “G” could look like a circular arrow. We decided if I was an old-school rancher, my brand would have been “The Confused Arrow” and I’d never lose any cattle because they’d always …

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should you do what you love?

Love & Other Disasters In episode 30 of the “You Are Not So Smart” podcast there is an interview with sports writer David Epstein, in which they talk extensively about that infamous “10,000 hour” rule. It was popularized by Malcolm Gladwell in his book Outliers and is based heavily on the work of a Dr. …

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don’t let ritual get in the way of life

Gray Aft Agley A little more than a month ago my partner and I had a very private commitment ceremony. After six years together, it was time to express the intention of continuing to weave our lives together. Being the theatrical romantic that I am, I decided to surprise her. Just after dawn a close …

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