The Optimistic Nihilist

”The process can kiss my ass. Throw processes under the bus if they aren’t getting the desired result.” – Matt Krause “I just do what I like every day, and good things seem to happen as a result.”-Nate Damm Ever stop to think about the big picture? I’m not talking about the gamble that is …

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My Five-Minute Journal Experience

I mentioned in the last post that I was trying out the “5 Minute Journal” technique for five days (which is kind of their “challenge” for skeptics). I am definitely one of those skeptics, due to the overwhelming amount of optimism that falls into their formula. I will outline it briefly here: Every morning, first …

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choosing to see love

A Child of the ’80’s Chooses Life For me it happened at about age 15. I’d just finished what was the darkest year of my teenage angst, and I was not a happy camper. I had pouted and brooded my way most of the way through, unhappy with the same things as most ’80’s teens …

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