April 12, 2013 / Love

with thanks to Miss Amy Red for pointing me to the article that inspired this post

It’s a very simple formula:

Desire –> Wish –> Will

courtesy EcoVirtual via Flickr CC
but it’s got some tricky bits. It’s also, to keep on with our theme of the Quantified Self this week, rather difficult to measure accurately. Here’s a few of the reasons why:


The act of love begins with desire. This is often unexpected and can last for years as simply a vague feeling deep inside. “Deep” because desires have no rules, are often conflicting with each other or the desires of those around us. We may see others who are shamed for desires, variations of “What kind of person would want that?” swirling around us from pre-verbal stages. We are taught, in good old fashioned Judeo-Christian work ethic cultures, that our desires are at best subservient to our duty and only worthy of attention after the our assigned tasks are completed.

Desires are also frightening. Read MoreThe Cycle of Love to Action