Your Opinion is a Mirror

There’s a matter of accountability. If you choose to support someone because of one thing, you share some responsibility for the other things. If you choose to support an organization because you have in the past, you bear some responsibility for what they do in the future. And vice versa. That’s Neither Good nor Bad …

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Life NaNoWriMo

How NaNoWriMo Changes Your Life

There’s a dream of being an author that goes something like this: After long coffee-fueled hours toiling alone at a shadowed desk lit by a single bulb the writer emerges triumphant, a 50,000 word manuscript clutched in hand! Bumping into the agent waiting eagerly outside the door, the sheaf of papers is exchanged for a …

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celebrate your style

Use Papyrus. Go to Jail. It’s the Law – graphic designers everywhere A font says a lot about a person. There’s a particular reason that this blog features highlights in serif fonts. In case you’re new to the font game, “serif” means that the letters have little curlicues and bulges on the ends. A sans-serif font …

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loving who you are rather than wish to be

Owning My Story This whole post was inspired by a well-intentioned comment on Facebook. I had posted a link to my new Patreon page which included one of my favorite pictures of myself: It combines so many of my favorite things – writing, water, San Francisco, my hat, a cigar, a nice pen & moleskine. …

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