A Week Without Email on My Phone

Well, it’s Monday. I did it. A week without email or twitter access on my phone (the two things I check most compulsively). Nobody else said they were going to try it, but I took the plunge anyway. Here’s a few of my thoughts and consequences: Remember that sinking feeling that we got when I first …

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Building the Box

“Please. Draw me a sheep.” For some folks, reading that is going to make them smile. They remember the story that is attached, of a lost pilot in the desert and a Little Prince who kept him company for a time. I warn you, those who are tempted to pick it up again: it’s not …

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The Myth of Priorities

Today I met with my MasterMind group partner, and we started out our meeting by holding each other accountable for what we’d said we’d do the previous week. “Did you announce your Defining Moment Webinar class?” she asked. “Yes, I did!” I said, and sent her the link. You can see for yourself; I’m pretty …

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