Plans, Dreams, Hopes, and Schemes

I remember when I was talking with my lawyer (who had also been my best friend all through high school) about starting a business. He patiently explained to my non-business brain about the differences between Limited Liability Companies and Sole Proprietorships and the like, and listened patiently as I explained what I was hoping to …

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In Defense of Passion

The only thing that drives me as nuts as the bland and whimsical “Follow your passion!” articles that fill personal development blogs is the inevitable backlash of “Don’t follow your passion!” rebuttals. I’ve written on the subject here before, and I swear, I’m not going to go over the same stuff in this post. Aside …

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Defining Moment Life

The Defining Moment, Part 2

Breaking It Down The first part of the process of getting what you want out of any experience is figuring out what it is that you want. As I mentioned last week, we often mistake the map for the territory; we think “I want to be a competitive tango dancer!” when what we actually want …

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creating realistic dreams

Letting Go of Superman I’m about to commit a cardinal sin of personal development blogs: I’m going to tell you that sometimes you have to let go of your dreams. Yep. That’s right. I said it. Sometimes you have to let that stuff go. It came up today when I was talking with an old …

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