In Search of the Ultimate Organizer

I can dream, can’t I? All I want is one system, one place where I can organize my entire life, from the personal to the business to the lifetime goals, and have it mesh seamlessly with everyone else’s systems. Oh, and it should be fun to use, combining both the joy of a notebook with …

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Three Apps for Making Distance Shorter

I tend to travel a great deal. It makes it kind of tough, at times, to maintain a connection with the ones I love. That may seem strange in the age of so many social media connections and such, but that’s only if you forget about the idea of signal-to-noise. Yes, I can post an …

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check your positivity ratio

How’s Your Day? Quick, off the top of your head: has it been a mostly positive day? Or a mostly negative one? If you’re like me, you may be surprised at the results. I was thinking I was having a pretty good day – finished off a project for a client, got to see both …

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