The Power of Hooray

Last week we mentioned the book Savoring: A New Model of Positive Experience. I don’t want to imply that I’ve read it – it’s a little out of my price range, so it’s a wish list item instead. But in the article in Time that mentioned it, there were a few other really simple habits that seemed worth sharing as well. Remember, the first one was simply to share the savor – tell other people about the great things that have happened.

This next one, even the author admits “sounds corny. But it works.”


This purely behavioral response represents an outward physical manifestation of inner feelings in which one expresses an energetic response of exuberant joy, excitement, and enthusiasm by jumping up and down, dancing around, laughing out loud, or making verbal sounds of appreciation. Such responses or their inhibition may be purely reflexive or automatic, or may be deliberate. (emphasis added)

It’s that “may be deliberate” part that I’m suggesting as a practice. Specifically, give yourself a “hooray” or two during the day. This can be loud and disruptive, or just a soft little bit of exuberance, like Iron Man:

But try it out. Every little bit of happier makes a difference!

How about telling a friend,
“Hooray! This was a fun post!”
Send it on, and let me know 
what your “hooray” is!

Meanwhile, let me say: Hooray for my patrons!
You can be one too.

1 thought on “The Power of Hooray”

  1. To build on the Hooray! The very first bowling team I was on in a previous life, the phrase “yay me!” was coined usually followed by a big Rick Flair “WOO!” I’ve tried to say it to myself in the decades since.

    Try it in whatever silly, cheerleadery, fist pump way you like. Hooray! Yay me!

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