a simple time of peace

A Recipe for A STOP


  1. one day (or more as desired)
  2. a space of protected solitude (apartment, secluded pirate hideout, whatever)
  3. two healthy meals and healthy snack
  4. one decadent meal and shamelessly delicious dessert
  5. partner/assistant/guide/BFF
  6. writing/reading materials
  7. two 30-minute meditation sessions
  8. one flow workout (tai chi, dance, yoga)
  9. optional: craft projects, recreational substances of your choice, meditation chime, yoga mat


  1. Arrange to have all clocks and timepieces in the space covered. Prepare to only use non-digital technology for the duration.
  2. Sleep until you wake up.
  3. Eat a healthy breakfast.
  4. Read for a bit. Or write for a bit. Whatever you feel like.
  5. Meditate for 30 minutes. Have your partner chime when the time is done.
  6. Write some more. Read some more.
  7. Do some crafts. Or explore the space. Or just sit there. Or have a tickle fight. IMPORTANT: try to avoid the urge to be productive.
  8. Eat your healthy lunch.
  9. Do more non-productive fun things.
  10. Do some yoga. Or tai chi. Or dance like a fool.
  11. Sit some more.
  12. Write some more.
  13. Snack when you feel like it.
  14. When you’re hungry eat the awesome dinner your partner has prepared.
  15. Enjoy dessert.
  16. Read some more. Write some more.
  17. Reflect on the fact that this day is just as long as any other.
  18. Go to bed when you’re tired.

WARNING: Prolonged use of STOP can lead to less tolerance for technological hobgobblins and may prove addictive.  Use at your own risk.  Offer not valid in some states.  Some restrictions apply.

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