Love The Ultimate Online Cheer-Up

I’ve mentioned in some past posts how sharing a moment of joy can actually make your own day better – even if it’s only to someone imaginary. I’ve also talked about the other factors that can improve mood, like shouting “hooray!” or watching a victory dance. It’s better if you do the victory dance yourself, of course, but it’s still beneficial even if you’re just watching.

Thanks to the dedicated coding skills of my Middle Daughter, we have created the ultimate online cheer-up tool: The Hooray! Page. On it, you can share your moment of wonder, click “send” (it’ll come to my email) and then you’ll get a Hooray! and a victory dance. is the URL.

Yes, you can include your email if you want…but I promise, it’s not going to save it, or add it to any lists. You can go to if you want to be on a list. All it does is send me an email, anonymously if you want.

Here’s a chance to actually see if what I’ve been writing about works. Let’s try it for a week – especially if you’re depressed. I’ll share what it’s like on this end in a later post, hopefully sharing (with permission) the “Hoorays” that I got.

Feel free to share it with friends, too – think of it as a status update without any fear of FOMO, because you’re sending it to an audience of one – me – and I guarantee I’ll like it.

1 thought on “ The Ultimate Online Cheer-Up”

  1. It’s a little confusing to have to submit on one page and view on another and the view page has no link to the submit page and vice versa (also some stray characters in the upper left and link after submission goes to test – feel free to delete this part of comment once fixed).

    Having a bit of a down day myself, having trouble thinking of something which in itself is ridiculous. My life is pretty damn good. Vday hang over?

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