The Mie of Love

We’re heading into a couple of the most fun days of the year for a lot of people, and for the rest of us it’s entertaining to watch you all having fun, so I’ll keep this short so you can get back to your shopping/cooking/cleaning/dreaming of sugar plums.

There’s going to be a lot of things going on around you. There’s going to be crass commercialism, tinny music, good friends, bad relatives, phone calls, pangs of missing people, pangs of seeing people, and pangs of I-drank-too-much-eggnog.

Every once in a while, if you can remember, give yourself a mie

Pause for Effect

That’s what a mie (pronounce “mee-Yay”) does. It is a theatrical device used by actors in the kabuki tradition from Japan. The mie would give a pause to the action or dialogue that was going on, and usually every part of the set – actors, props, everything – would be maneuvered to direct the attention of the audience towards one particular actor.

The Actor Ichikawa Danjuro IX in the double role of Fudo and Mongaku

That actor would slowly gather his or her arms together, slowing down the pace of their delivery like it was the drum roll of an execution, and then execute the YAY! part of the mie with a flourish. For a timeless instant the entire drama would stop, and the audience would hold its breath, taking in the tableau.

Then the story would continue, and thunder gods would capture beautiful princesses before the brave heroes smote them with sharp swords (the thunder gods, not the princesses).

Taking It In

As you have the world of the holiday season crashing all around you this weekend, I’d invite you to pick random moments and just mentally pause. Take in the sights, sounds, experiences around you. Most of them are motivated by at least a thought of love, whether it’s religious, avaricious, or delicious. Take the breath, look at that moment of love frozen in time just for a bit…and then let the tumult around you continue.

These snapshots of memory, looked at long after the moment has passed, will serve you better than any Facebook status.

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