I’ve had many thoughts about what to write today, during this tragedy of the most recent school shooting.

There are many things to say. Many things to discuss.

Many things need to change, and I hope that the “two sides” can understand that there is more to the problem than “yes” or “no” or sound bites.

But right now – today, only hours after the shooting – I can’t find any words that are adequate. President Obama may have come close:

“Ultimately, it’s how we treat one another. It’s how we love one another…it’s what matters. Those we’ve loved, and what we’ve done for others.”

I set aside Fridays to talk about love, and for the past year I’ve done that almost without fail.

Today, a day spent with my oldest daughters and my oldest grandson, all I can say is: love the ones you’re with.

If only because so many today can’t be with the ones they love, and won’t ever be again.

Requiescat in pace.

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