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Ten things that we wish social media really could tell us:

  1. Top Ten People Who Genuinely Care About Me
  2. Top Three Things the Top Ten People Need to Hear Me Say
  3. Top Ten People Most Likely to Give Me What I Need
  4. Top Ten People Most Likely to Give Me What I Want
  5. Top Ten People Most Likely to Make Me Miserable
  6. Top Three People Most Likely to Be on Any Two of Lists 3, 4, and 5
  7. Top Five People I Should Reconnect With
  8. Top Five People I Should Disconnect From
  9. Top Five Things People Like About Me
  10. Top Five Things About Me Nobody But Me Notices

Then again, maybe the world of love is more complex than lists of three, five, or ten things. Or 140 characters, a relationship status update and a “like.”

image courtesy of Jessica Cuizon via Flickr CC
Simple. No Assembly Required

I love the ways social media has enriched my relationships with friends and lovers. But I often wonder if the numbers of retweets and friends and followers and little blue thumbs-up gives us a false sense of security and connection at the cost of the more analog forms of connection.

The sound of a hello.

The sight of a smile.

The feeling of a hug.

As happy as I’d be if you tweet/google+/like this post? How about we say you do it only if you accompany it with some lo-tek loving gesture as well. Turn around, smile at somebody, and if they ask why, give ’em a “…just because.

If we paid as much attention to that kind of communication as we do to our “social networks”, what would our world look like?

And let us know in the comments: what things do you wish our social networks could really tell us about love?

with a tip of the hat to Chris Brogan for the inspiration

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