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Guest Post by Jenna: “To Kiss”

Recently I was a featured guest at the Erotic Literary Salon in Philadelphia. One of the other readers, Jenna, read this piece, and it struck me how perfectly it expresses the feelings I try to remind my clients and audiences of when I’m teaching my “Making Out” workshops.

Thanks, Jenna, for sharing this with Love Life Practice. Warning: it may be considered explicit for some readers.

To Kiss

At first their lips will only lightly touch as if tenderly seeking permission.
Gradually, their contact becomes longer, lip massaging lip.
They breathe in each other’s aroma.
She slips her tongue out tracing the contours of his lips.
He allows her this exploration keeping still.
Her tongue glides over the volume of first his upper then lower lip.
Feeling each ones fullness and firmness and the small space in between yearning to be parted.
Their lips press together the moisture of her previous research providing lubricant when their lips embrace.
Slightly sucking she tastes his delicious flavor.
In between these kisses their lips part and they inhale each others scent emitting from their mouths.
She gently presses her tongue in to his mouth circling around for the tip of his tongue.
At first contact she inhales sharply, her body stiffens and other lips loosen, wet from an interior source.
She pulls away briefly from the start of the electricity strumming through her body, making every point alert and sensitive.
He pulls her in arm around her waist and down to her butt squeezing.
His other hand comes up her back and neck to the base of her skull fingers tangled in her hair.
Their lips collide this time more passionately giving way to one another as their tongues hungrily devour each other.
So excited a sharp moan escapes from deep in her throat.
This encourages his passions.
His hands begin to freely caress over her slowing writhing form.
She sucks his lower lip into her mouth and nibbles on it slightly devilishly smiling into his eyes.
Pressing her body into his she wiggles like a snake upon him holding his face while kissing and sucking at his lips.
Abruptly she pushes him away stepping back.
No longer physically touching the space between them is palpable with their desire for yet more kisses.

Raven Lightholme & Gray display the Art of Making Out
image from "The Art of Making Out" series from Passionate U

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