Your Opinion is a Mirror

There’s a matter of accountability.

If you choose to support someone because of one thing, you share some responsibility for the other things.

If you choose to support an organization because you have in the past, you bear some responsibility for what they do in the future.

And vice versa.

That’s Neither Good nor Bad

It’s just reality.

You need to own your decisions, as well as their implications.

Your grocery list – your language when you meet someone – your bumper sticker – your shoes – all say something about you. That’s not even getting into your social media “likes” and “retweets” and etc. The illusion of anonymity on the internet is just that.

Here’s the tricky part: you don’t get to control how people see you.

Choosing the Filters

It’s kind of like the various filters that come with some social media apps – the ones that make you look like a puppy, or in a blizzard, or whatever. You get to choose your filter, and maybe the people who see it will say “hey, cool!”

And maybe they’ll say “that’s stupid.”

Maybe they’ll be offended. Or angry. Or think that you’re one of them, when in fact you don’t believe in anything they espouse.

This is why the best route to take is the authentic one.

Examine the choices you make in your life, big and small. Make an effort to understand what they are saying about you, about your beliefs, about what you value.

There are always unexpected consequences, and those are simply things to learn from. Your best strategy is to go with authenticity; at least then you know why you made the choice you did.

You owe it to yourself to be more informed about your life, because your life is always informing others, telling them: who you are.

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