you are strong enough

When Less is Annoying

Recently a dear friend sent me a Lifehack 30-Second Tip image. I’m a big fan of the site, and I’ve enjoyed several of their similar images, but this one…this one I had some problems with. Can you guess why?

You are strong enough.


The Zen Grammarian

Obviously the first problem is with the grammar: as any reliable source will tell you, when talking about anything you can count the correct word is “fewer”, not “less.” Even more than that, though, something about the ideas in this rubbed me the wrong way.

After some thought, I realized the way I would have rewritten it:

don’t wish it was easier, realize you’re strong enough to handle it
don’t wish for fewer problems, remember that you will outlast them
don’t wish for fewer challenges, relish the lessons they teach you

That’s my version, minus a picture of rocks. What’s yours?


1 thought on “you are strong enough”

  1. I’m with you; I don’t find that inspiring at all. The way it’s written tears one down, instead of building one up. I like your version a lot better.

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