Ve’s Top Ten Tips for Dealing with Burnout

I’m very pleased and fortunate to welcome my friend Ve’s contribution to this blog. She was a co-organizer of one of the festivals I’ve been at, and as such has been dealing with a great deal of stress. I asked her how she coped with the Life Extraordinary when it got too much, and here’s what she said:

  1. Sleep. Lots of sleep, but not too much – settling into a 
  2. Routine. Keeping a schedule for yourself, something different than what is causing the burnout, with time for
  3. Walks. Long, slow, meandering walks, or to favorite places where you can sit and
  4. Eat well. Even the things that are bad for you, enjoying them fully and telling that monkey-mind to
  5. Shut off. The chattering and yammering can be countered with a good book, or music that encourages
  6. Physicality. Hugs, cuddling, dancing, juggling, even exercise, just a chance for your body to 
  7. Surrender. Forgive yourself, just for a while, for being weak, out of control, but for god’s sake, turn off
  8. Social media. Your monkey mind is bad enough; you don’t need other’s stream-of-lack-of-consciousness, so even
  9. Turn off your phone,  after calling a friend who is unrelated to the burnout. Try to become more
  10. Touristy in your own life; take a look at the places you go, the people you know, the person you are. Give yourself a chance to rediscover the wonder. Immerse yourself in the sights, the sounds, the joys.
Bonus tip: “Stay warm! Comfy clothes or a brand new duvet to snuggle into is essential!”

2 thoughts on “Ve’s Top Ten Tips for Dealing with Burnout”

  1. I would add:
    11. Breathe. Deeply and consciously, while relaxing the muscles that have become habitually tense. It is good to do this constanty, or at least as often as possible.
    12. Drink enough water. Our emotions and sense of well-being have enough basis in body chemistry that too little oxygen or water can and often does affect us in chronic and surprisingly pervasive adverse ways that we may be incorrectly blaming on other factors in our lives.

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