Going on Hiatus

It’s been grand…

…but the “experiment” of spreading myself thick has had the unintended consequence of realizing that now that my big event is done (it went great, thanks!) I am less willing to spread myself thin again.

I’ll be putting this blog, and the podcast, on hiatus, possibly permanently. For those of you who are patrons, I really have appreciated your support; my patreon page is no longer accepting donations, so you won’t be charged any more. I hope you’ll use the money to support other great creators!

And of course, I will be writing now and then; if you are interested in seeing it when/if it happens, I would recommend following me on Medium:

 Gray Miller

Have fun. Be good. Don’t drown.

3 thoughts on “Going on Hiatus”

  1. I totally get it and I appreciated the blog while it was up. If you decide to start it again I’ll be excited, but you did good work. Don’t spread yourself to thick!

  2. Good luck with your other endeavors, i admit I’ve been slow to read/use Medium, i imagine I’ll get the hang of it once the rest of the internet has moved on to another format. 🙂 Congrats on your event, talk to you soon.

  3. This reads like a sad goodbye. I get it. And your voice will be missed.

    Wishing you all the best, as always.

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