a life lived right is it’s own reward

I’m discovering something today. Two things, really, that may end up being the same thing. Both are regarding the price of taking a stand for or against something you believe in.

One: as real as it seems, the world online is not the world. The people who bark and snap at you under the cover of anonymity will cower and disappear in the honest light of the real sun. Even better, the people you thought didn’t care or didn’t notice will come out of the woodwork to thank you for taking the stand, because they watched it happen.

If you’re very lucky, you were polite throughout any online debates, allowing your detractors to make fools of themselves. However, never forget that you are just as much a fool for caring so much about the little letters on the screen.

Two: even if that doesn’t happen, as long as you remain true to your own principles you can weather anything. Friendships wither. Trolls will shout. But through all the winds of bitterness and bile you can survive if you’ve kept true to your core.

I will add this: if you get a chance to thank someone you see taking a stand like that, make sure you thank them. Regardless how together they seem on the outside, I guarantee you that hearing it will be a balm to a raw and bruised soul,

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