NaNoWriMo Practice

Tricking Yourself Out of Quitting

It’s ironic; I’ve been working on the whole “Maker Time” schedule, and on days like this (“Blogday”) the plan is to write all three of my week’s posts in one day. The problem I was having was that I found myself writing the day’s post – the “Practice” post – and then getting drawn away …

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Love NaNoWriMo

The Love of the Author for the Writer

It’s really an imbalanced thing, the love the author has for the writer. “Author” is one of those identity words that falls in the realm of things you can deserve¬†after you’ve done a particular set of things. If you’ve given birth, you deserve the title “mother,” assuming what you’ve given birth to is a human …

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Life NaNoWriMo

How NaNoWriMo Changes Your Life

There’s a dream of being an author that goes something like this: After long coffee-fueled hours toiling alone at a shadowed desk lit by a single bulb the writer emerges triumphant, a 50,000 word manuscript clutched in hand! Bumping into the agent waiting eagerly outside the door, the sheaf of papers is exchanged for a …

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